Falsehoods of the American Dream

The falsehood of the American Dream is that if you work hard enough, succeed in school and develop skills, then you will move up the socio-economic ladder. In reality, the children of my generation are more likely to fall beneath their parent’s class level when they become independent adults. Children are prepared in K-12th grade … Continue reading Falsehoods of the American Dream

Who I am

Who I am? I am Alexxis Peterson I am a Black woman, raised by single Black mother, loved and guided by my older brother, and cared for by my grandmother.   Before me, Sacrifice was something that happened often. Mama gave up her life in Chicago and left her baby’s father, Grandma left her Mama … Continue reading Who I am

Current Marginalization of the Latinx Community

By Sara Cadona Still today we face the problems of marginalization of oppressing certain races based on their culture, language and color. The Latinx community is every person that identify themselves with being Latin (Blay, 2016). This term of Latinx is gender neutral and makes it easier when talking about a whole community (Blay, 2016). … Continue reading Current Marginalization of the Latinx Community