A Body of White Supremacy

By Sandy Holman Director of the Culture C.O.-O.P. A Message from Sandy: My mind is trying to understand the profound levels of work that change is going to take, as it pertains to racism, white supremacy, historical inequity, and a much-needed systemic overhaul. The criminal justice system and policing, though one of the deadliest arms … Continue reading A Body of White Supremacy

Why Sleep is Important

By Berenice Cayetano Art and Design Team  Having a good night’s sleep is incredibly important. But unfortunately, there is a lot that can interfere with having natural sleep patterns. On average, college students only get around six hours of sleep per night. Research shows that insufficient sleep affects our health, mood, memory, GPA, and safety … Continue reading Why Sleep is Important

Three Words I Have Never Heard but I Have Felt

By Anita Huang Art and Design Team “I love you.” These three words. These three words express intense feelings of affection, appreciation, protectiveness, respect, and warmth. These three words are used between people, whether they are lovers, friends, or family, as a reflective affirmation of the emotion we call love. These three words that I … Continue reading Three Words I Have Never Heard but I Have Felt

My Maternal Grandfather, Aboi Elgaily

By Ruggaya Musa Documentary Team My maternal grandfather, Elgaily Elsheikh Mohammedtom (I call him Aboi Elgaily), has been one of the most critical influences throughout my life. Ever since we were young, my mother would tell my sisters and I sisters about my grandfather’s kindness and selflessness. In our eyes, Aboi Elgaily represented the epitome … Continue reading My Maternal Grandfather, Aboi Elgaily

How Korean-Pop (K-Pop) Changed My Life

By Vivian Pham Human Resources Team  I was in the third grade when I first discovered K-Pop. The year was 2009. I remember scrolling through YouTube and coming across a video called Wonder Girls “So Hot” M/V. Thinking that it was just any other song on the radio, I clicked on it and watched the … Continue reading How Korean-Pop (K-Pop) Changed My Life

Why Not Do Good Things?

By Sandy Holman Director of the Culture C.O.-O.P.  A Message from Sandy: Excoriatingly depressing, beyond physically painful, toxically mind splitting and historically evil and torturous. How many must die because of some perceived threat of a black or brown man, (in this case a man taking a jog, minding his own business and not knowing … Continue reading Why Not Do Good Things?