Finding Your Ummah

By T. L. Kirschenmann Before I dive in, I want to tell you about what the Ummah is. It is essentially the entire Muslim community. In Islam, we are all one big global community, calling peers brothers and sisters and elders aunties and uncles. We have a miniature Davis ummah that I have become extremely … Continue reading Finding Your Ummah


Introduction to the Generational Hauntings Series

Nymphs from the Crypt A scraping sound in the dark beckons you closer. A glowing jack-o-lantern is the only light in the room but it casts an evil grin. Impish shadows draw you near, whispering darkness into your ears. Tonight is not a night of lullabies, but a night for lucid legends. The voices get … Continue reading Introduction to the Generational Hauntings Series

Taking Action: Some Efforts We All Can Make

by Mariana Huben In the current political climate, it can be easy to find oneself feeling hopeless and powerless in the face of seemingly insurmountable hatred as it manifests in the rhetoric of our elected leaders and the actions of threatening groups of people.  While it is normal to experience fear in response to such overwhelming events, … Continue reading Taking Action: Some Efforts We All Can Make

More Than a Political “Issue”

Written by Hannah Vahldick Immigration: At its core a simple concept, people leaving their homelands in search of prosperity, safety, stability, and hope. We humans have a long history of our masterful ability to traverse the globe; indeed, even many of our stories and folklore incorporate tales of great explorers, exalting them for their courage … Continue reading More Than a Political “Issue”

Why Ferguson Matters to Asian Americans

Guest post by Glenda Li This Thanksgiving break, while updating my dearest mother, I casually mentioned that I might move to Canada one day. She seemed extremely annoyed at this. I speculated that she might have thought how ridiculous it was that her family used everything they had to move to America to provide a better … Continue reading Why Ferguson Matters to Asian Americans

Thanksgiving: Another Perspective

Written by Charity Peets What do you know about Thanksgiving? Like all holidays and traditions, Thanksgiving calls for celebration for many families and is an exciting time--a time to gather with loved ones, eat good food and reflect on all the things that we are grateful for. However, like all holidays and traditions, there is … Continue reading Thanksgiving: Another Perspective