Trials and Tribulations

We always like to believe that when faced with adversity or difficult circumstances we will arm ourselves against such troubles with reason, calm, understanding, and other defenses to cope with the inevitable problems we may encounter in life. However, for many us, when the opportunity presents itself, we tend to fall short of our resolutions. … Continue reading Trials and Tribulations


The Power of Love

By Samantha Solomon With all of the stress bogging me down right before graduation, I wasn’t really looking forward to hosting my family for the weekend. In those chaotic times, my first thought to their driving up from Irvine was “How am I going to get through this weekend?” And yet in the late Friday … Continue reading The Power of Love

When Infinite Roads Diverge in a Wood

By Samantha Solomon “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I -- I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” This oft-quoted passage from Robert Frost’s famous poem, “The Road Not Taken,” appears on ‘congratulations’ cards and teen girls’ Tumblr posts in such an abundance, it’s hard to separate … Continue reading When Infinite Roads Diverge in a Wood

The Importance of Spring Cleaning

By Samantha Solomon I’m crouched on all fours with my face shoved past the sliding doors of my closet, a beige carpet that desperately needs to be vacuumed, scratching my knees. My face red from pushing and shoving things around, I emerge victorious with a single, broken velvet hanger. This the face of “Spring Cleaning.” … Continue reading The Importance of Spring Cleaning

Grecian Gods – Tales of Mortality and Death – Apollo and Hyacinth

Illustrated By Jean Young By Michael Carson I begin this night with a few tales of Apollo, god of “Sun, the Light, the Music and Prophecy” (Greek Gods & Goddesses), although the man was well renowned with his poetic air and regal flare, the young sun lord met his demise in the facets of love. … Continue reading Grecian Gods – Tales of Mortality and Death – Apollo and Hyacinth

Grecian Gods – Tales of Mortality and Death

Within the reign of the Grecian gods, male and female, mortal, or divine, love swept the mountains of Olympus and the rivers and seas of mankind. Somewhere in-between love, affairs and variety of taste lies a wicked spite that bites those who are imbued with loves red kiss. Twisted are these tales of love and … Continue reading Grecian Gods – Tales of Mortality and Death

King Lycaon the Grecian Wereman

Illustrated by Aiswarya Loganathan and Laura Rivera By Tayah Kirschenmann Thousands of years ago in the Peloponnese, the Kingdom of Arcadia, prosperous and wild, was ruled by a faithless King named Lycaon. Both King Lycaon and his sons were doubtful of the Olympian gods, ceasing their worship of them. Despite the kingdom’s (and the world’s) … Continue reading King Lycaon the Grecian Wereman