The Verdict:

As an African American Woman, who has African American brothers, cousins, uncles and elders in her life, I have had to face the fact that there is a cost to having dark skin. Our documentary, which is called "The Cost of Darkness," examines how having dark skin impacts people in almost every institution in our … Continue reading The Verdict:

Thanksgiving: Another Perspective

Written by Charity Peets What do you know about Thanksgiving? Like all holidays and traditions, Thanksgiving calls for celebration for many families and is an exciting time--a time to gather with loved ones, eat good food and reflect on all the things that we are grateful for. However, like all holidays and traditions, there is … Continue reading Thanksgiving: Another Perspective

Celebrity Ignorance

Written by Charity Peets It’s only recently that I started realizing the pronounced intersection of race and popular culture. After having been fortunate enough to have some of the issues underlined for me, I now notice them everywhere. I’ve found that there are prominent figures in the media who are being celebrated or casually used … Continue reading Celebrity Ignorance