“I’m not racist but…”

Written by Charity Peets It's always frustrating when someone begins a sentence with “I’m not racist but…” because it is immediately apparent that they are likely about to say something racist. Oddly, he or she is hoping for a dismissal of this label simply because they prefaced their statement with an “I’m not” that thing … Continue reading “I’m not racist but…”

Beauties from Social Activism

Chao everyone, my name is Alyx. I had the honor of interning with Sandy during my final undergraduate year at U.C. Davis. To say the least, my experience with Sandy and fellow interns at the Davis Culture C.O.-O.P. was amazing. As a recent graduate, I am already missing the family feeling of working with Sandy. … Continue reading Beauties from Social Activism

I Dare You to Wonder—I Dare You to Question

Written by Charity Peets After the whole Kim-Kardashian-broke-the-Internet frenzy happened a while back, there were many comments about the subsequent manipulation of her picture. I remember reading that there was some history lurking and that ultimately the depiction of Kim’s picture, exaggerating her backside, was racist and sexist because of historically similar disrespectful illustrations of … Continue reading I Dare You to Wonder—I Dare You to Question